Pokemon League Blog


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Saturdays are always busy here at Big Bang. However if you have the chance to make it past all the great deals to the gaming area, you find a whole new kind of fun that has started at the shop, the Pokemon League.


Pokemon League has made it’s way back to Big Bang in a big way. Every Saturday starting at 12 o’clock noon you can find Pokemon players of all ages battling with cards, on their Nintendo DS, and trading for all the right cards to make their decks with their favorite character from the TV show perfect. Part of the beauty of this league is that it has applied to all ages. You can watch Fathers teaching and playing with their children while Mom watches. These events have turned into family bonding times for some.


Each week these players a gaining points for their battles and their wins, while the crew of Zack and Hunter of Big Bang keep track of the points they earn. Why do they keep track of these points? What are they earning them for? Well Gym Badges for of course. These small medals are Pokemon Trainers trophies. Now, just like Ash Katchem from the TV series, each player can have a Badge Case full of badges to show off to friends. Each badge takes 28 points to win, with a total of 7 points per week that a player can earn. That means, as long as you put in the work and effort, you can earn a badge every 4 weeks.

I got to watch the look on my own sons as Zack handed him his first Gym Badge. He was so proud of himself for earning it. He was the first one of his friends to earn a badge. He was walking very tall for a 9 year old boy. After taking his lumps for a couple of weeks, we bought my son a Pokemon Starter Deck from the front counter. With the help of a couple of the more experienced players and the Bang Staff assigned to the league my son was now competing. Winning and on his way to his first of many badges.